Thank You and Volunteers Needed

A big Thank You to all of you who volunteered in the great lunches we have had this year at the 3 Low Cup Hostings.  The variety of main dishes and tasty desserts were complimented upon many times by the curlers.  Also thank you for donating your time and the food – as a result over the three occasions this year the club made a total of over $1,300 in pure profit!   Wow, and a source of revenue that our small club has not had in the past!

As you might be aware we now have the annual Open Bonspiel coming up on the Weekend of Feb 23 to 25 and I am pleased to report that we now have 30 teams (ie 120 Curlers) and the Bonspiel Committee (myself, Mary Clements and Leo Buckley) will need help to organise and serve food including:

  1. A Friday night snack
  2. Lunch on Saturday
  3. The Famous BBQ Steak Dinner on Saturday Evening
  4. Possibly lunch on Sunday

If you are interested in helping out please contact Mary Clements ( as soon as possible.  The steaks are ordered but there is a lot of other food planning, prep and serving that will need to take place!   

Regards and Thanks Again to all who helped with the Low Cup!

Chris Knight

From Chris Knight

Standard Brush Heads Replacement

I am looking for used standard brush heads that I can send away to have refurbished.  

If you have any heads, I can exchange a new one for your used one at a price of $15. 

Chris Knight (